The Noble Pigeons on Mined With a Motion (Living Artists Recordings Volume 2). the Noble Pigeons was created at the electronic music studio of the Academy of Music in Krakow, Poland, during Oakes'’ residency as a Senior Fulbright lecturer, and is also written for MIDI trombone and electronics.

Rod Plays Oakes Plays Rod (iii Records 032693) is a straight ahead jazz compilation of original songs by Oakes and performed by OGOGO.]

Music for the MIDI Trombone (innova 542) contains all original works by Oakes for electronics and MIDI trombone.

Blues Danube on Simple Requests (Cambria CD-1088)- Blues Danube is a work for MIDI trombone and electronics that was created as a commission from the Hungarian Computer Organization.
.  It was created in the Experimental Studios of Radio Magyar in 1991.

Redux OGOGO - Igor, guitar & Rod Oakes, MIDI trombone
Available at CD Baby  & Amazon

Lve in Your Bedroom featuring OGOGO (innova 521) – Here are original works by Oakes and Igor, featuring Oakes on MIDI trombone and Igor on guitar.  This CD is the beginning of OGOGO.


Bone Of Contention - Music for MIDI Trombone - Available at CD Baby & Amazon

 Bonescape consists of Oakes' original music composed for the trombone trio, OGOGO Bones, and electronics. The three trombonists were George McMullen, Lane More, and myself. The CD is available on the NineWinds Label.