Three Meditations is an early work.  The Bellagio Meditations were composed for a birthday concert given at California Statue University Dominguez Hills for composer, Elliott Schwartz. Elliott and I were both residents at the Rockefeller Retreat Center at Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy. I wrote this piece commemorating both Elliot’s birthday and his two residencies at Bellagio.  Elegy for igor was composed for a memorial concert for my long time musical partner, guitarist, and composer, igor. He died suddenly of a heart attack.  We had started together a group called OGOGO that performed music from the Renaissance to Baroque era, straight ahead jazz, and avant-garde. Elegy is recorded on my NineWinds recording, Bonescape, for three trombones and electronics.  Prelude & Fantasy is

the most recent of these works.

Free Trombone Music from Rod Oakes